About Us

As a technological enterprise specializing in the research and development of pesticides, new materials and chemical intermediates, Xinyi Meijin Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the research and development of new pesticide processes and the optimization of old pesticide products. The company is geared towards pesticide technical manufacturers and makes them a bridge between academia and industry.

There is a group of experienced research technicians with professional background in pesticides, including professionals in organic chemistry, applied chemistry, chemical analysis, chemical equipment, and chemical environmental protection, etc. Our Meijing Technology team has experienced more than ten years of ups and downs since its establishment in 2008, and has accumulated a lot of popularity and customers in the pesticide chemical industry. At present, our company has 3 doctors and more than 20 postgraduates, and found several cooperative laboratories and pilot scale-up devices in Nanjing, Yancheng and Xinyi. By 2021, our company has grown up to be a first-class pesticide technology service provider in China.

Our company's vision is: to make a certain contribution to the technological transformation and process progress of the domestic fine chemical industry in terms of pesticide tech technology, pesticide intermediates, APIs, pharmaceutical intermediates, dyes and intermediates, and new materials, etc; and then become a well-known technology service company in the industry.